Blockchain Innovation June 2019


Blockchain Innovation 2019 in Amsterdam

My good friend Vincent Everts asked me to give the closing keynote at the Blockchain Innovation Conference in Amsterdam this year. I decided to go with something a little different, because I wanted to find a new angle that might both surprise the audience but also stimulate some entrepreneurial thinking.

Well, it was a Friday afternoon and everyone was tired so I was probably a bit too grumpy and bit too mean in some of my comments, but people seemed to enjoy the session and understand the spirit of what I was saying.

(I apologise unreservedly, by the way, for calling one of the questions that I was asked “stupid”. It was not, but I was for not taking a moment to think about the the questioner and why the question was asked.)

I am proud to say that my plan worked. Immediately after the talk, a serial entrpreneur in the space came up to make and told that he intended to start a new business at the intersection of AI and the blockchain right away.

Job done.