Identity is the New Money

Identity is the New Money
London Publishing Partnership (April 2014)
(picture with the kind permission of Victoria Richardson).

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David Birch is the author of a fresh, original and fascinatingly wide-ranging short book about developments in the field, Identity Is the New Money.​ His is the best book on general issues around new forms of money, and new possibilities generated by blockchain technology. You finish his book convinced that something is happening in which the register, and credit more generally, and money, and banking, and identity, are all starting to blur together.

London Review of Books (April 2016).

Birch doesn't claim to have all the answers. What he has done is produce a bold, forward thinking book that grapples with weighty issues in a concise and accessible way.

Retail Systems, p.59 (May 2014).

What is harder to convey is that this short book is densely packed with argument; written, praise be, in English of a straightforward and intelligible sort; has every technical concept explained, and has a breezy and enjoyable good humour that typifies the author himself. Small wonder that he is one of our most revered telco and payment systems consultants.

David Worlock (4th June 2014).