I read David because I can never accurately predict his opinion, which means either it's all signal, or he is in fact a natural source of randomness, both of which are highly valuable.

Danny O'Brien (July 2009).

Wired: Me

Wired Magazine has published its “World in 2020” special edition and they have again included an article from me in this annual roundup of predictions across industry sectors. This year I decided to write about AI in financial services, advancing my view that the use of AI by financial services organisations is not disruptive but that the use of AI by their customers will be.


Thanks Tony

Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director of Emerging Payments at Citi, made a very kind shout out for my 2014 book “Identity is the New Money” in the panel discussion of the Payment Trends 2020 at Money20/20 in Las Vegas this year. He talks about identity starting at 15 minutes in, but it’s a great discussion panel with David Talach (GM of Payments at Square) and Peggy Alford (SVP Core Markets at PayPal) moderated by Zachary Aron of Deloitte. Put your feet. up with a cup of tea and watch it here…



The Economist have a podcast series called Futurewatch. The current series is about the death of cash. I was interviewed for the series and I think it’s pretty interesting so if you want to listen to it, check it out here.

Jamie Bartlett, The People vs. Tech

I recorded a new podcast in. my series of chats with authors, this time with Jamie Bartlett, who wrote “People vs. Tech: How the internet is killing democracy and how we save it”.


I was genuinely flattered to be asked to give the Innotribe closing keynote at SIBOS this year along with my good friend Brett King. Brett and I decided to try something a little different so we went for a sci-fi theme, looking at what we might learning about the future of money by looking at what writers, rather than technogists, think. 

asangoio 2019-Sep-26

There are a few pictures from the session in an album here. The main thing that I hope they convey is the amount of work Brett put in to make this amazing set of slides for the wall behind us! The presentation looked absolutely spectacular.

SIBOS 2019 stage cards

I wrote about some notes about the keynote and put them on Medium along with some pictures, so please feel free to head over there to get more details, byt the essence of the session was that it is up to society to make some choices about the future of finance and not leave those choices to the technologists.

IMG 0050

Fortunately an artist was on hand to try to make sense of our mad ramblings so here’s a permanent aide memoire! Despite the fears, I am sure that the reputation economy makes more sense in a post-scarcity world than an economy based on resources.

BrettKing 2019-Sep-26

I want to finish with a shout out to the kind people at Innotribe who also bought a bunch of copies of Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin and arranged for me to sign copies for delegates. I was genuinely flattered to be asked to do this, and I can’t thank SWIFT’s Innotribe team enough both for this session and and for a terrific 2019 event.

And to finish, here’s what a couple of other people had to say about it...

Hurray! It’s Identity Day!

Goodness me it’s International Identity Day again - the years just fly by!  And to celebrate this September 16th, the crazy misguided fools over at the London Publishing Partnership are allowing people to download an electronic version of my book “Identity is the New Money” for free! Just for today, I know, but still… giving it away! Free! Unbelievable. I mean, I know it came out five whole years ago, but still. Free? I don’t know what they are hoping to achieve from this ridiculous act of largesse, but if you want to take advantage of their mad promotional skills, pop over to London Publishing Partnership and download the PDF for nothing nada zip for today only.

(Note: the picture above is the cover from the Italian version of the book which is, naturally, more stylish than the English one.)

Closing keynote at SIBOS

Sibos will be in London for the first time this yea

I was flattered to be asked and delighted to be able to accept the opportunity to give one of the closing keynotes at Sibos 2019 in London on Thursday 26th September. I’ll be in pretty illustrious company, with the other keynotes being given by Professor Brian Cox, who used to play keyboards with D:Ream (“Things can only get better”), the environmentalist Paul de Gelder and my good friend, and founder of Moven, Brett King. I literally cannot wait. See you all there!

Talk to the CFA Institute

Back in May I gave a short talk to the CFA Institute on the future of money and they’ve now posted the video of it online. You can see it here.

Paperback writer

The revised paperback edition of “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” is out now with a new final chapter on “Smart Money”. Hurrah!

10 Innovation in Finance Books to Read

Dan Liebau at Fintech Singapore News has very kindly listed “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoins" as one of ten “Innovation in Finance” books that you should read. Amazing to be on a list that includes Clayton Christensen.