Advisory Roles

I have experience in board-level advisory roles for private and public sector organisations.


I am an advisor to the board of Au10tix, the Secure Customer Onboarding company. Au10tix, which recently attracted $80m in investment from TPG and Oak, is a major player in the field of digital onboarding. The efficient and effective binding of physical to digital identities is fundamental to the coming era of always-on and always-connected business and government. Aut10tix will be leaders in this growing field.

I am an advisor to the board of the digital financial services compay Qiwi (NASDAQ:$QIWI), a leading provider of next generation payment and financial services in Russia and the CIS providing over 20m virtual wallets, 141k kiosks and terminals connecting over 45 million consumers using its network at least once a month.

I am a special advisor to the board of Digital Jersey, the government-backed economic development agency and industry association dedicated making the island a world-leading base for digital innovation.

I am an advisor to the board of Bankifi, which offers financial institutions a consent-centric platform with data-driven distributed banking model to manage, consume, distribute and monetise data through a suite of API driven micro services.

I am an advisor to the board of Biid, a mobile a mobile identity platform that secures and protects digital infrastructures while allowing users to authenticate online, authorize transactions and easily sign documents from any iOS and Android enabled device.

I am an advisor to the board of PaymentWorks, a supplier information management (SIM) solution that allows companies and their suppliers would be able to connect and communicate with each other as easily as people connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.